2 years BMW i3 – part 2

Part 2 with some informations about the cost for the last two years.

In comparison to the german version of this text, i have reduced it a bit. Some aspects a very specific to the german market, like the price for a used car.

I hope that i have converted all numbers in the right way (€->$, km->mi)

driven distance –  about 22.000 km / 13670 mi
used energy   – about 16 kWh/100 km  – 16 kWh/62mi – 3 mi/kWh
costs: (ca. 0,25 €/kWh – 0,27$/kWh ) = 880 €/948$, this means 4 €/100 km – 4,31$/100km – 6,95$/100mi

About 40 €/43$ for public charging

Besides energy, there were other costs:

Installation of the wallbax (original BMW Wallbox pure) 1800 €/1939$ (wires, fuse, wallbox, electrician)

Insurance is like a BMW 1series, that means about 500 €/539$ per year

One set winter tyres 1400 €/1500 $.

No taxes (german KFZ Steuer) for the next ten years, because it’s an electric car.

Further costs like registration, plates, charging wire, bag for the frunk… 450 €/485$

First maintenance service after 2 Years 400 €/430$

In total, about 5970 €/6430$ for the last 22.000 km (0,27 €/km/ 0,46$/mi)

There are many one-time costs in this amount. Therefore the cost per kilometer will drop in the future.

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